Program Coordinator, Kabul

Nationality: Afghan

Gender: Female

No. Of Jobs: 1

Vacancy Number: Program Coordinator – WF-0431217

Education: Bachelor in Computer Sciences or related fields

Contract Duration: 1 Year

Experience: 10 years

Closing Date: 26 Dec, 2017

Job Description:

The program coordinator will mediate with different actors, such as government departments, enterprises, schools or Womanity’s Headquarters. 

The program coordinator provides technical assistance to trainers, gives support in their activities and makes sure that all staff members have educational assistance.

This position requires to organize workshops and activities and to a certain extent become a mentor to trainers and students. The program coordinator analyses the available data and writes final and mid-term reports

Job Requirements:

Job Requirements:

  • Liaising between Womanity and all relevant governmental departments;
  • provide required TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to all trainers and related staff of program;
  • Provide required support to the program head and all related department heads in Womanity;
  • Support/lead activities which requires technical expertise such as implementing all related training’s and activities according to the MOU in place for Womanity;
  • Prepare project reports and collect all related information of program activities on timely manner; Communicate professionally with all related stakeholders and project staff;
  • Conduct series of training for the target population of Womanity; 
  • Prepare detailed implementation plan for the related program activities;
  • Recording project files and folders;
  • Provide related reports and information to other team members and the government;
  • Direct contact/meeting to improve Womanity’s relation with PTAs and other stakeholder in the community

The Candidate Must meet the following conditions:

  • Diploma in computer science or related field;
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in related field, knowledge of new technologies and coordinating a program
  • Business level proficiency in English language (knowledge of technical English would be given priority)
  • Excellent computer technical literacy of web development;
  • Experience in conducting training that includes data collection, data analysis, technical report writing and presenting data skills.
  • Professional experience in curriculum development, lesson plan development, market demanded skills, needs assessment;
  • having experience of being trainer, training coordinator, monitoring of TECHNICAL PROJECTS, analyses of data COLLECTION, project reporting, coordination of technical or vocational training and workshop management;
  • Experience in coordinating project activities with related departments;
  • Experience of conducting extra curricula with capacity building and training for school staff, teachers, trainers and students;
  • Overall knowledge of ministries in Afghanistan; departmental structures, laws, policies, strategies, reporting, meeting, creating good relationships and etc.
  • Experience of technical supervision of field staff and technical feedback for improvement of activities;
  • Business level proficiency in English language (knowledge of technical English would be given priority) as well as good computer technical literacy of web development;
  • Able to travel frequently to monitor and supervise activities in the field;
  • Good at file recording both soft- and hard.
  • Able to create good relations with other staff members and coordinate activities;
  • Being able to analyze data and present the results using functions and graphs in Ms. Excel
  • Being flexible and willing to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Able for traveling to provinces;


Submission Guideline:

Interested Afghan female candidates with the required qualifications and experience should submit their updated resumes and motivation letters and three professional references with complete names and email addresses of people we can be contacted on their behalf; electronically to [email protected]

While submitting your applications please mention the Title of the position plus Vacancy Number in the subject of the e-mail; please do NOT submit any other supporting documentation or educational certificates with your application.

If you are short listed, you will be asked to submit electronic copies of your educational certificates. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date of the position.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

The Womanity Foundation (WF) is a nonpolitical and nonprofit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland and registered in the United Kingdom as well as with ministry of Economy in Afghanistan.
Inspired by the UN Millennium Development Goals no. 3 and no. 5, Womanity aims to provide good quality education to girls in Afghanistan to offer them better academic and career opportunities and give them the opportunity to positively contribute in the society.

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